Clients and Projects

Prime Therapeutics – Platform Migration and Application Development (5 months)

Role: Product Manager

Led a major healthcare application migration and development project. Medication Therapy Management (US federal program) was migrating from a legacy application to a new platform built by a vendor specifically for Prime. My team of 4 functional business consultants and testers was responsible for gathering and validating requirements, data mapping and transfer, user acceptance testing, system configuration and production support (I hired one of the team members). Partnered with the inhouse and vendor project managers and business analysts (both agile environments) to keep the requirements, customer journey mapping, product backlogs, test cases, defects, etc. transparent and synced. I heavily focused on user experience by investing large amounts of time into observing Prime’s inhouse pharmacists (patient calls), understanding friction points and making sure they got fixed as soon as possible.

Outcome: My team successfully configured, tested and launched the new platform for the MTM program while keeping the costs as low as possible. All inhouse and healthcare plan pharmacists fully adopted the new platform within 3 weeks after launch and the legacy software was retired.

. . .

Sears Holdings – Sales Associate Training App + Hardware Procurement and Setup (6 months)

Role: Product Owner, Information Architect

Led a training web app project from kick-off to implementation. The goal was to automate a paper based process for sales associate observation and training. Teamed up with software developers and store managers, as well as the IT department and field trainers for the stores. Organized, led and participated in activities that ranged from analyzing and documenting the current process, designing and creating user interfaces (wireframes, process flows, etc). Worked with the Financial Board to secure funding for hardware procurement (1,800 Cellular iPads). Partnered with IT to set them up with proper profiles and software. Also led and participated in the testing cycle to help QA the tool. The iPads and the software were rolled out to 900 Sears stores across the country.

Outcome: Built and successfully implemented in all field locations. Saved ~$750K across the org annually.

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Horizen Blockchain (Cryptocurrency) – Flagship Crypto Wallet App (10 months)

Role: Information Architect, Software Program Manager

A blockchain and cryptocurrency startup Horizen (formerly ZenCash) needed to build a flagship wallet with a modern design — Sphere by Horizen  (video) — to allow their investors, node operators and coin holders to securely store and conveniently transact Zen cryptocurrency. I was hired to help drive the user experience and information architecture redesign of the wallet as well as manage a few other core software projects (main chain, node software, sidechain apps, etc.).

I partnered with the Horizen and vendor teams and led the design and implementation efforts end to end. I helped design multiple screens and flows, led the UAT effort and made sure all defects were properly prioritized and fixed. The wallet had three versions — Windows, MacOS and Linux. All three platforms had to be tested for bugs and UI consistency.

Sphere was also the first crypto wallet in the industry to feature support for both  light and full mode versions. The full mode is required for shielded (anonymous) transactions and private messaging on the Zen blockchain (zero knowledge proof technology). This functionality added several layers of complexity in terms of UI implementation and the overall user experience. Every single step of user activity had to be designed from scratch and tested.

Outcome: The flagship app was successfully deployed and is now one of the top crypto wallets in the space.

. . .

Elite Medical Scribes – Core Business Process Reengineering and Data Mapping (4 months)

Role: Process and Data Consultant

EMS ran into a classic problem at one point of their journey – they grew too big too fast. It’s a great problem to have for everyone but the underlying processes and infrastructure did not keep up with it so things started breaking. I was hired to look at the core business process – from reaching out to a scribe candidate to placing them on client’s site. It was also necessary to study multiple data systems and reports, understand how data is collected, manipulated and reported. The project included a 4 hour white board process mapping session with core 20+ employees involved in the process (which I enjoyed immensely).

Outcome: Redesigning the core process, fixing data and systems issues and building new reports eliminated several points of time and money waste. All people involved in the process were now much more familiar with what other people did and how and where data was generated and how it flowed through the company. Several months later Elite Medical Scribes was acquired by ScribeAmerica.

. . .

Major Retailer and Ecommerce Operator (NDA) – Vendor Portal (5 months)

Role: Consultant – Product Owner, Information Architect

A national retailer in the US with a solid online presence was rapidly expanding their third party marketplace on their ecommerce website (drop ship model). The process of signing up vendors, getting all internal approvals and eventually publishing their products on the website took more than one month, sometimes more. It was based on multiple paper documents, Word files, Excel spreadsheets, scanning and emailing, etc. Also, there was a major issue with getting product information and files from vendors, especially images, that rarely met the specifications provided by the company.

I was hired to build an end-to-end vendor portal system to help automate the entire process as much as possible. I worked with every stakeholder of this business process to gather the requirements and design a brand new process based on the upcoming technological solution. I then designed the full product logic and all interfaces. I also worked with Legal to ensure there were no regulatory issues in the system.

The new system not only eliminated the need for all paper, Word and Excel documents from the vendor standpoint, it also automated internal logistics between departments. The portal functionality ensured that product information supplied by vendors met specifications so the company’s product team no longer had to request better quality images or resize the graphics themselves.

The process duration got reduced to days and varied only based on stakeholders’ speed of execution.

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