Podcast Episodes

Episode #11 — Can UX Designer become a Product Owner and other career options for UXers. (8/9/2019)

Episode #10 — A seasoned developer tells us about the benefits of Extreme Programming, Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, Collective Code Ownership, and more. (3/2/2019)

Episode #9 — UX designer from Bloomberg on how to make Agile better for design, product role evolution, keeping things simple, Microsoft’s design advantage and more. (2/21/2019)

Episode #8 — Gaming: why today’s games are easier than before, what may happen to Fortnite, and more. (2/11/2019)

Episode #7 — Going down the rabbit hole of product design and organizational roles with Joe Natoli. (1/30/2019)

Episode #6 — Colorado: why it’s so expensive and so awesome, job market, cute resort towns, and more. (1/25/2019)

Episode #5 — Learning from UX failures, how to negotiate the right to do your job and more. (1/25/2019)

Episode #4 — What the X is the ROI of UX? (it’s more than 1X). (1/21/2019)

Episode #3 — Current state of crypto, is it investable, how blockchain works, and more. (12/13/2019)

Episode #2 — Is UX org model optimal? Accessibility UX, Sports apps, and more. (12/7/2018)

Pilot Episode — Gamification in UX, product battles with Marketing and more. (12/6/2018)

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